Greeting Cards

Lady using laptop to send cards by mail.Do you have time to go to the store and pick out holiday cards?

What about the time it takes to sign them all and address all the envelopes?

Let us do your custom Christmas cards for you!

  • We print your custom Christmas cards
  • We put your personalized message inside, in your handwriting, with your signature
  • We can print up to 4 of your photos inside the card (or you can customize the cover with your photos for only 49ยข extra!)
  • We even have a little elf who stuffs the envelope, licks the stamp, and puts it in the mail
  • All this for less than $1.00 per card (postage is extra)! That is less than a cup of coffee!
  • NEW: We can even send gifts like candy, nuts, books, or gift cards with your card!

We will save you a bunch of time, and we’ll save you money too.

We are a new greeting card company and we’d love to do your custom Christmas cards. Do you have a family photo you’d like to include inside the card? We can print the photo inside the card for you. Maybe you’d prefer to customize the whole thing including the front cover? We can do that too!

Custom Christmas CardHere is how our custom Christmas cards work:

  • You setup an account on our web site, we’ll even setup a Gift Account so you can send a couple of holiday cards for free to try it out.
  • You pick a card that you like from our catalog of over 3000 cards. We have cards for Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, and we have blank cards.
  • You type in your personalized message, we’ll print that inside the card in your handwriting. (We have a special form for you to fill out with a handwriting sample.)
  • You upload any photos (this is as easy as browsing to the photo on your computer and clicking the upload button!)
  • You then select the names from your address book, who you want to send a card to.
  • You click send and we’ll print your custom Christmas cards with your message and photo inside, then we’ll stuff the envelope, lick the stamp, and send it out in the US Postal mail.
  • That is all it takes!

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